Media remains important

We have a general understanding and knowledge that media effects our lives. Getting that itch when you haven’t checked your phone in a few minutes gives you a good clue as to how much. Most of the time we don’t even realize it. The images we see. The messages we take in.

We don’t realize it’s changing the way we think.

My generation grew up in a time (at least a little: I’m still a millennial) without the constant onslaught of media. Young adults today use phones and social media at an extremely young age. This has and will continue to have an extreme effect (good and bad) on them.

The Stats

Nearly one in ten (8%) of young adults ages 8-15 believe information they learn on social media or apps as true.

Teenagers who use multiple social media sites have higher odds of having depression and anxiety.

Average young television viewer will have seen 200,000 acts of violence and aggression in media by the age of 18.

On average, teens send and receive over 100+ messages a day.

Teachers find that students are more distracted than previous generations.

Studies show correlation between exposure to think ideal body image in media to body dissatisfaction.

Heavy media use can lead to lower grades in adolescents.

Students, on average, spend less than six minutes on their studies before being distracted by texting or social media.


That means that by the time you’ve finished this post, you’ll immediately feel the need to check your phone, social media, or television.

While media is essential to a democracy, it can create a sense of belonging and help us learn – we have to be aware of its deep impact on society.

We can’t go back to a time when we weren’t constantly surrounded by digital media. But we must remain vigilant. We must continue the conversation.


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